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Can a place change a man ?

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Can a place change people and affect their professional choices, scientific and artistic development? Using dance and music ALCHEMY describes the transformation of a place that from a village in the 17th century became largest industrial agglomeration in post- war Poland.

The film, which was made for the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the cultural activity of the Municipal Culture Center „Batory” in Chorzów (previously Wielkie Hajduki and Bismarckhütte), intriguing associations and provokes reflection on the specificity of this place, bringing out its essence and spirit, revealing what is most important: people and their transformation.

dir. Krzysztof Stasiak

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elements of dance

"Tactum - the Elements of dance" is anything but an ordinary dance film. Inspired by the basic concepts of Ayurveda, this exhilarating production of 2015, directed by Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Stasiak tells a variety of mesmerizing narratives, without the use of a single word. According to Ayurveda, our life is a dance of the three forces giving color to our existence. „Green“ Kapha is a combination of the elements of water and earth, "red" Pitta of fire and water, and "blue" Vata of air and ether. The film "Tactum - the Elements of dance" is a clash of masculine and feminine energies portraying the longing for simple truths and rules that can be rediscovered through changes taking place in nature. A forest, a city and a desert; touch and movement. Alternate: balance and its lack. Connection and separation – all those are the themes are what catches the viewers’ eye in Tactum.

dir. Krzysztof Stasiak

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dance film

The film "Masina" is a free, poetic meditation on femininity told by body language. It affects some of its aspects in the context of both universal and related to life today. Although it is not a literal biography, it contains many items referring to the film creations by Giulietta Masina, actress and wife of Fellini, which makes it a journey deep into the soul of a woman.

dir. Krzysztof Stasiak

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We Will Be Happy

One Day

documentary film

„We will be happy one day“ is a documentary film about Daniel, a young man from Lipiny - the poorest town in the southern Poland. Daniel wants out of the omnipresent misery. With a mobile phone camera in his hand he wanders round his neighbourhood asking kids and grownups questions about their dreams.

Are they going to come true, at least, for some?
However, in the process of Daniel’s filming there emerges a hidden

layer: the love between him and his charismatic grandmother. But will he ever manage to complete his film?


film was founded by Polish Film Institute - dir. Paweł Wysoczański

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Ghost Dance

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dance film

"Ghost Dance" was a religious movement of Native Americans (Indians) from the late nineteenth century. It was associated with the prophecy of ending white expansion in North America, at the same time proclaiming the goals of a pure and honest life and inter-tribal cooperation of the indigenous people. It is believed that the practice of Ghost Dance was the cause of the Wounded Knee Massacre. In December 1890, the forces of the United States army killed at least 153 people there. Mostly they were women and children.

This film was made during my visit in Winnipeg (Canada) during the Screendance Intensive workshop and is a kind of homage to the innocent victims of the Ghost Dance movement.

reż. Krzysztof Stasiak

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